From the Beginning…

First it was just a dream, next a possibility, and now, after lots of research and planning, finally a reality!

In July 2012, after teaching for over 20 years in a variety of roles and in both public and private early childhood establishments, I decided that the time was right to create my own centre. I put all my years of experience and ideas into a very special place. My husband Stephen shared my dream, and right from the beginning has believed in the vision for our Auckland kindergarten.

We found the perfect property in Western Springs, which was in our desired location and was just the right size for our project. Shortly afterwards we purchased a 100 year old bay front villa and eventually relocated it onto our site.

My vision was to create a beautiful, cosy and welcoming sanctuary specifically designed for young children. A calm and nurturing environment with carefully chosen caring and dedicated teachers.

High teacher/ child ratios would enable opportunities for individual and small group work, in depth enquiry projects and focus groups.

I wanted to create a very special place for young children. It would be a place rich in opportunities for learning in all areas of the curriculum where children could gain confidence in their abilities, develop respectful relationships and social skills, to experiment, make discoveries and awaken their imagination.

We believe we have fulfilled our dream of creating a child’s sanctuary, a special place of learning in a beautiful environment,  with passionate, experienced facilitators, quality resources and a dedicated management team.

This kindergarten has been created with love by two people who have always believed in the dream.